Radon Mitigation for Schools and Commercial BuildingsSchool 2

School and Commercial building Pre Construction
  Building a new school or commercial building using radon resistant construction greatly improves the ability to maintain a low radon level after construction. Most architectural firms don’t have licensed radon mitigation professionals that can oversee the radon system installation. Nelson Radon personnel can work with your architect and have a radon specialist on site to insure the radon system is installed properly and code compliant.
Existing Schools and Commercial buildings
  Schools and commercial buildings present multiple challenges to maintain a low radon level. The first consideration to lower radon levels is to evaluate the air handling system since large volumes of air is involved. Making a determination of the building air pressure is critical to designing the radon system. During the design phase care is given to be minimally invasive with any radon mitigation components. 
Prior to Installation 
  Before installation building pressures, any utility tunnels and how the ventilation system affects building pressures will be considered in the system design phase. This will be done by building inspections, consultation with maintenance personnel, consultation with architects and building engineers. At this time an evaluation to determine if using dynamic controls will be cost effective.
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